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Practice ManagerPractice Manager 8

Easy-to-use interface using either Diary or traditional data entry screens.
Fully integrated system for managing Private Practices such as Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractics, Dentists.

Features include:
    • Complete patient management including multi-clinic operations
    • Able to open multiple screens (eg. Diary) simultaneously for different clinics
    • Sophisticated Diary including different appointment intervals for each provider
    • Comprehensive statistic generation to analyse referring sources, etc.
    • Enhanced user-interface with re-sizeable screens, floating toolbars, right-click menus
    • Screens for different clinics can be opened simultaneously (eg. Diary for Clinic #1 and Diary for Clinic #2 can be viewed/updated side-by-side)
    • System logins can be restricted to each clinic
    • Shared Equipment can now be automatically scheduled with patient appointments and the Equipment Schedule can be viewed to avoid over-booking of shared resources such as hydro pools, chairs, etc.
    • Healthlink integration is available so letters to GP's, etc can be produced automatically by inserting information from Practice Manager into special Healthlink Templates and then sent electronically in an encrypted format
    • Sophisticated daily/weekly/yearly diary with drag-and-drop operation, right-click menus, copy and paste appointments, customisable colours, individual start/stop times for each provider, different appointment intervals for each provider (5/10/15/20/30/60 minutes), multiple bookings for same time slot, control of all patient transactions (maintain patients, view patient info including history, add treatments, enter payments, print accounts, etc)
    • Tracking of missed appointments (cancelled, unable to attend, etc) with reasons for not attending
    • Weekly diary by provider with same functions as daily diary
    • Function to add/remove multiple appointments, notes and reservations to a provider's diary based on a specified date range with options for which individual weekdays, different recurring intervals (weekly, fortnightly, etc.)
    • Provider screens allows pre-selection of working days and working hours which are reflected in different colours on the diary to indicate whether the provider is available for appointments
    • Enhanced patient screen including payment history, appointment history and external file storage for word processing, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, etc.
    • Enhanced security systems based on groups with users being assigned to security groups
    • Enhanced report writer
    • Class management system including booking of classes and automatic billing of all attendees with the ability to have separate prices and descriptions for each attendee.
    • Storing of patient letters and letters to referring sources with ability to recall and re-print any letter
    • Storing/retrieval all any external patient files, including pictures and videos, with the ability to extract the files or view the pictures.
    • Voucher management system for sale of vouchers, tracking of vouchers when used to pay for services, review of outstanding vouchers, etc.
    • Choice of bank account for all payment receipts including separate bank deposit slips to allow individual payments to providers.

Customers can download a trial version of this software or purchase a registration key to unlock the full version.

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